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Laos in terms of Topography would most typically be the rich Beauty of Nature; it has a Large Number of Cultural attraction including archaeological, historic and religious sites.

There are more than 47 Ethnic Minority groups which maintain Theirs Original Traditional life ways. Many Skilled Artisans produce High quality Handicrafts, especially Textiles, Silver production�/font>

There are many Natural Attractions
This Land Locked Country would be the Linkage Country, Located in The Middle of South East Asia Countries, It Capital Vientiane, look at in the map is the middle point of this area.

Laos was officially opened for foreign Tourist 20 years ago; it would be the New, wonderful and interesting Destinations of Asia. Laos Offers great attractions to a growing number of Eco-Tourists, Intends to preserve its typical Culture and Nature Habitats,

Our Company Mekong Lao Travel is one of The Professional Travel Agency in Laos, a Private Company owned Management by the Experienced Team work with most of Skilled Tour Guide:

Italian, French, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean�b>Your Most Satisfaction is our Objective.
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